Why ‘Talk Write Speech’?

As our name suggests, we support our clients to:

Talk: through communicating with others through language (listening, talking and social communication).

Write: through supporting literacy difficulties in reading, spelling and writing.

Speak: through the treatment of speech sounds, fluency (stuttering) and voice (speaking clearly).

Clinic Services

We offer comprehensive assessment, reporting and intervention for children and young adults 2-18 years of age in the the following areas:

  • Speech sound delays and disorders
  • Early Language Delays (under 3 years)
  • Language Delays & Disorders (Talking & Listening)
  • Fluency (Stuttering)
  • Literacy (reading, spelling, writing difficulties)
  • Social Skills
  • Voice (croaky, breathy, tired, painful voice when talking)

School Based Services

Additional individual, small group and classroom based services are available direct to schools by arrangement (dependent on availability).

Please contact us for more details.